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Subject: RE: [Leica] OT - Help - my Polaroid Scanner is Dead
From: "TMitchell" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 10:59:15 -0700


I'm a novice in the digital darkroom so forgive the question if it's too
obvious.  I also have the LS4000 and recently got an Epson 2200 to pair with
it.  Are you saying below that you scan an entire uncut roll of negatives
via batch scan?



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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT - Help - my Polaroid Scanner is Dead

At 06:25 PM 9/2/02 +0200, you wrote:
>Tina - do you actually use all that resolution for anything other than
>archival scans and prints for sale? I'm curious because the files must be
>huge (I still use the ls2000 which is more than sufficient for my needs - I
>have never yet made a print of any of my snaps) and not suitable for
>uploading to clients.

No, Rob, I don't use it for anything but archival scans and prints :-)

I batch scan edited film as jpegs for my Portfolio filing system.  Then I
edit from those anything that I think I might want to print.  Those are
individually scanned at 4000 ppi, 16 bits, 16x and saved as Genuine
Fractals or tiffs.  Those files uncompressed can be over 100
MB.  Piezography likes lots of resolution so I often print at over 500
ppi.  I love the Digital ICE 3 feature on the LS4000 and the ability to
quickly scan a whole roll of film.


Tina Manley, ASMP

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