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Subject: [Leica] RE: 24mm Viewfinder: Which One?
From: "Leonard J. Kapner" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 18:31:53 -0700


I happen to have both finders, the Combi 21-24-28 and the 24 BLF. 

I wear glasses and am an older farsighted astigmatic, so the bright
lines and larger image are much preferred for my use. In a moment of
weakness at retail, I purchased the Combi because I thought it would be
much more convenient than carrying three BLFs. I suppose it would be,
but my primary day bag lenses are 28-50-90, with the others in the M
range coming out into the light only for "special" situations. 

So for me in practice, the honest need for the Combi is minimal. If it
were me and I was using the 24 a lot, there would be no contest. I'd get
the BLF.

Leonard J. Kapner 
Tel: (310) 377-5060 


From: Ben Madison <>
Subject: [Leica] which viewfinder for 24mm
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I've posted a couple of messages, recently, but not really introduced 
myself.  I've been lurking for about a year, since getting my first M,
I'd like to second the earlier comment about you guys all being a bunch
sick bastards... and also add that I've found it contagious.

I've been shooting a Voigtlander 21/4 for the last year, but on a recent

trip through the (many) churches of Florence I decided that it was a
too slow and a little too wide for my needs...  so I just became the
owner of a 24/2.8ASPH.

I'm just a *little* offended at not getting a viewfinder in the package,

but what're ya' gonna do?  The shop has both a 24mm finder and the
finder, both for about the same price.  Even comparing the two side-by-
side, I'm having a hard time choosing...  I wear glasses, so the 24mm 
finder is probably my first choice.  The lack of brightlines in the zoom

finder has me a little confounded...  especially with glasses, it's hard
tell how much of the image is supposed to be in the shot.  I tried to 
compare it to the 24mm finder's brightlines, but I never could make the
agree on what the shot would include.

Since I've already got the 21, having a finder that'd do both does have
appeal...  on the other hand, I don't see myself carrying the 21/24
very much, so I wouldn't be adverse to having two dedicated finders if
straight 24 gives a better idea of the framing.  Is anyone actually
one of these zoom finders, and with what luck?  I'd be particularly 
interested in hearing from someone using one with glasses.


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