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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: lens cleaning...
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 22:17:53 -0700
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Hi Steve,
Look cleaning a leica lens is so easy and non scientific that it's a piece
of cake. As I've read some pretty ridged cleaning scenarios from folks you'd
think you were cleaning a piece of extra-ordinary glass instead of a leica
coated lens..

I believe Leica should put out a video illustrating how their technical
service people clean lenses when you send them for a fix up or if you go to
one of those leica day things held in camera stores.

it goes like this...

tech takes lens in hand breathes on the glass and rubs a piece of cloth in a
circular motion and cleans the lens.... that's it.

And if you go into the archives you'll find this topic has all the answers
to cleaning.

However, this is the way to do it and you can save a fortune in those
technical created "cleaning cloths with droplets of whatever the hell they
put in those bottles to take your money, that would be better spent on
buying film so you can take more pictures.....;-)

You have the finest piece of lens cleaning cloth riding on your butt day
after day,  your under shorts when you're ready to discard them. Then cut
the butt side or largest piece of cloth from them and put the piece in a
small zip lock bag and in your equipment bag for future use. Or immediately
if required.

When you're ready to clean, blow.. using your lung blowing power and blow
off the lens Then if you have a small camel hair cleaning brush lightly....
Then hot breath on the glass, take undershort cleaning cloth and in circular
motion wipe off any other stuff.

No you don't have to wipe as soft as you might wipe a babies bottom either,
you give it a good rub until it's clean. If after the first one you se a
finger print give 'er another good breathing fog and rub it again!!! Harder
this time.

You'll find the above has been posted to the LUG an many occasions in the
past 5-6 years and it works.  No it doesn't leave any scratches and unless
you're using steel wool or some kind of abrasive material your lens will be
just fine.

I've used the under wear cleaning cloth for many many years and yep in the
past some neophyte lens cleaners have poo-pooed the method or worse...
they've never done it and yet shoot it down.

Anyway Steve, would I steer you wrong about cleaning a Leica element?
Besides this undershort and breathing method has been used for 50 years, not
jut on Leica glass but every other lens I've ever owned and used. and all my
Leica glass looks great....... when I get around to cleaning the glass. ;-)


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