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Subject: [Leica] photographic critique requested
From: Howard Sanner <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 01:56:37 -0400

	I'm still trying to get the hang of people photography with
Leicas (or with anything else, but we aren't here to talk about
artillery as photographic equipment <g>). I'd like to know what
people think of the photos below, particularly what I could do
differently next time to improve them.

	These were all taken on 2 May 2002 at Walter Lawson's shop in
Boonsboro, Md., as he repaired my Vienna horn. I used a Leica
IIIf BD, 50mm f/2 collapsible Summicron, and Fuji Superia 400.
Exposure was 1/15 or 1/30 at f/2, determined by taking an
incident light reading with a Sekonic L-508. Light was pretty dim
in the shop, much murkier than the pictures would lead you to

	For Ted, B.D., et al., I did ask permission to take the pictures
and put them on the web, which Walter instantly and readily gave.

	I like the first two best. The third loses it for me because of
the flare and because you can't really tell what Walter's doing
(he's making replacement parts). The fourth I think would be
better if you could see what he's doing with his hands
(installing the parts he made in picture 3). However, he moves
*really* fast, and it's a challenge to get focused and fire the
shutter at anything like the decisive moment.

	Maybe someday I'll get the hang of this kind of picture taking.

	A Vienna horn is a type of French horn that was once the
standard horn of Central European orchestras but today is used
only by the Vienna Philharmonic. The determining characteristic
is two pistons per valve, a system invented in Vienna, hence the
name. See for
more information and pictures of the whole horn and closeups
(warning: taken with a Nikon!) of the dual pistons.


						Howard Sanner
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