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Subject: [Leica] FS stuff and it is apparently Friday somewhere in this round world of ours
From: John Collier <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 07:21:48 -0600

I loved the 35mm finder so much I just bought an 0.58x M. My wife is 
wonderful but she firmly believes in the free flow of goods both in and 
out of the house. When a camera comes in, there has to be a 
corresponding outflow as well. So...

135/2.8R - second optical formulation, EX+ cosmetics with mint glass, 
comes with a B+W E54 to E55 adapter and an Elpro VIIa close-up lens, no 
caps. $200US

2x converter for SL/SL2 - EX++ with mint glass, yes they are rare but 
only works with stop down metering, comes with rear cap but no front 
(body) cap. $250US

M4-2 - EX cosmetics just CLAed, yes this the camera that had me pulling 
my hair out! I paid $900US and then had to have it CLAed for another 
$450US! It has a new shutter curtain, new shutter roller, new wind gear, 
new flash syncs and new M4-P winder coupling, no F%&*ng expense spared 
(sorry for the language). works as new but we just sit and glower at 
each other so one of us has to go. I will stand by the camera, if you 
have ANY problems I will take it back no questions asked. Please contact 
my wife for the price on me (cheap), the camera can be had for $700US

Nikonos IVa with 35/2.5 - user cosmetics (one strap lug dinged) in mint 
operating condition (both just overhauled by Nikon with all internal 
o-rings and front lens port replaced) and mint- optics (minor dust), 
comes with front lens cap and strap. $150US

If I am deliriously happy with the 0.58x camera (not here yet), I may be 
selling my new Leica 35mm viewfinder (MIB) $320US

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