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Subject: Re: [Leica] M6 & technical pan
From: Simon Lamb <>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 22:41:00 +0100

Thanks for your reply.  I nearly bought a bottle of Technidol a few weeks
ago but the shop had sold the last bottle that morning.  I do my own black
and white developing at home, almost exclusively Delta 100 & 400 using
ID-11.  I knew I wasn't going to get a chance to develop the roll of TP
before the weekend and I was eager to see the results.  Unfortunatley the
lab didn't do a good job.

I shall be investing in some Technidol and do it myself next time.


on 21/5/02 6:30 pm, m at wrote:

> Simon, 
> unfortunately labs (even good ones) and TP don't mix.
> you've got to use Technidol if you want to avoid
> nightmarish contrast, very few labs stock it and
> if they do maybe they don't use it because it's not
> cost-effective for them to (very very few TP users)
> if you really like TP (I'm crazy about it)
> you have to develop it yourself. it's easier than it seems
> don't need a professional darkroom, just a tank and two reels
> and those cute little yellow bottles of technidol and some fixer
> then take the beautiful negs to the lab to make a contact sheet,
> or scan them
> but please, don't let a lab develop TP. buy your own Technidol,
> learn to develop (very easy, you just need an easy to load
> plastic  reel)
> if you dont want to do that, avoid TP, really
> I'm willing to bet it's not overexposure, it's been
> developed in something different than Technidol
> I mean Xtol (great for Tri-X and Plus-X) can kill your TP
> matteo
>> I know from previous posst that some of the members have used Kodak
>> Technical Pan in their M6.  I just had a roll developed by a lab and I
>> exposed it at ASA25.  Just about every image on the roll is overexposed by
>> about one stop. Assuming the lab did not process it incorrectly (I know them
>> well and they take great care) is there a nominal speed rating for Technical
>> Pan and could I have therefore overexposed the film by a stop, or is it
>> variable and one should develop it at the speed it was used?

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