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Subject: RE: [Leica] Lenses For Wedding
From: Rolfe Tessem <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 08:35:24 -0400
References: <>

A few random thoughts that haven't already been touched on:

1. If you are going into the wedding with a game plan centered around 
Leica-style available light photography, you are needlessly setting 
yourself up for failure on a good number of shots. If this is really what 
the couple want, then you need a "Plan B" for at least the bare minimum of 
formal portraits of the B&G and family groupings. If you shoot these 
available light, you will be lucky to escape a lynching. (If the B&G say 
they don't want ANY formals, ignore them. They will later forget they ever 
uttered this remark).

2. Flash. What is the plan where available light simply isn't an option? 
You really need a fast-recycling unit that is also workable when the camera 
is turned on its side for verticals. Don't plan on sticking an SF-20 on top 
of a Leica M and going at it.

3. Outdoor weddings involve a whole different set of problems than indoor 
ones. Workable flash fill is a necessity, not a luxury. This is problematic 
with a Leica M due to the 1/50th sync speed.

4. When you  shoot a wedding for friends or family, you can no longer 
behave as a guest even if the B&G still think of you as one. Specifically, 
no drinking.

5. If you haven't done this before, make a list of the "must gets", "would 
like to get" and "purely optional" shots beforehand and have a plan which 
incorporates the "must gets" and most of the "would like to get" 

6. Don't forget your tripod -- you'll need it.

7. Use film designed for the job -- Kodak Portra NC or Fuji NPH.

8. As you can see, deciding which lenses to use is really the least of the 
problems ;-).

For the record, I try to avoid these situations like the plague, but like 
others, I have done my share. For the last one I used an R8 and a Quantum 
T2 flash with a Quantum Turbo battery. I used a bracket which allowed the 
flash to remain above the camera when it is rotated for a vertical. I used 
a Leica M for available light candids where possible. I've also done some 
weddings for friends completely in medium format and I don't consider using 
35mm that much easier, although it is a little less expensive.

Good luck!

- --
Rolfe Tessem
Lucky Duck Productions, Inc.
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