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Subject: Re: [Leica] WAS: doctors and lawyers ETC. NOW: PAID SITES.
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 11:40:09 +0200
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No sane person would subscribe to the Leica Camera web site, but I can very well
imagine paying for access to, say, the Financial Times web site. It contains
high-value information that I need for my work, and the subscription to the
traditional paper edition is around 800 CHF per year. Right now I can access FT
for free, but should they decide to charge, I would most definitely pay up, as
long as it was reasonable relative to the cost of the paper. My other chief
source of quality journalism, The Economist, makes its web site fully accessible
only to the subscribers to the magazine, so in that sense it is already not

The reality is that high-quality content is expensive to produce, and one way or
another, the creators of it have to earn a living. A couple of years ago the
model was advertising, like "free" TV in the U.S., but now it is clear that with
the extremely low click-through rates and the bust, advertising is not
going to pay for anything. So some form of subscription charges to high-value
content sites is inevitable. The Internet porn industry has been operating quite
successfully in this manner for several years now.

Of course, if you are in the business of selling physical products, like Leica,
then your web site does not need to make money, it is just another part of your
marketing programme. But if you are selling information and nothing else, then
you need to figure out how to make people pay for it, otherwise you do not have
a viable business model.


Ted Grant wrote:

> I believe about a month ago there was a story that many of the "free access"
> channels, sites, whatever, may be going to a subscriber route in the not too
> distant future as they were doing all the work for no return or the returns
> they had experienced were diminishing at a great rate and costing the
> information provider money .
> Obviously the web is going to slowly or possibly a "pay as you use" thing
> rather than the freebie it's been all these past years.
> Do you have any read on this happening? I  mean would anyone subscribe to
> open the Leica Camera site in Germany? ;-)
> ted
> Ted Grant Photography Limited
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