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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAW wk 19/sl
From: "Steve LeHuray" <>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 14:19:18 -0500

> Steve Lehuray showed:
>>>> This week a couple in a Georgetown bar:

Ted Grant writes:
> Hi Steve,
> Knowing you use meterless cameras I bet this is an incident light reading
> exposure simply because of the overall light level look. A kind of even what
> the place looks like to the eye.

Yes, an overall average incident reading for this kind of place seems so
simple, one reading, then point-&-shoot--similar to the M7.
> It's a good one alright and has that "incident light reading" look. Quite
> often this "open look" is missed by meter in the camera exposures .....
> unless, the photographer knows his camera and how it's reading.... this is
> done with hardly a moment of thought under these light conditions.
> Nevertheless it's done and an adjustment in handling to where the best
> reflective surface / area will give an even over all look is selected.
> Otherwise just pointing and shooting, the open look in this case would
> probably be much darker due to the lights in the background making the
> onboard meter read a higher shutter sped or smaller aperture selection..

This is where the M6ttl spot meter lets me down because the spot meter is
reading the bright lights and the gray and shadows just disappear. So for
this kind of shot do you think I could sit there for :15 or :30 seconds
trying to figure out what I should be reading with the spot meter? Probably
> As much as I make using the M7 sound as a simple point and shoot camera in
> the lighting environment of the recent operating room medical project,
> there's always an instant awareness of what lights are in the frame lines.
> If the lights are over powering, a slight point down or off center makes for
> an instant exposure correction and slight extra pressure on the shutter
> release locks the exposure, then I shoot.

All that is true, but the subjects that you are photographing all know that
you are there and expect you to be fiddling around.
> Steve you always come up with what the location should look like under these
> light conditions.  And primarily by using an incident meter. Good one.

> ted

Well tomorrow it is all M6TTL for the LHSA event in Baltimore.

Ted, you are always very supportive about my photography, really appreciate

Best regards,

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