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Subject: Re: [Leica] Epson 2000P, An update and another ?
From: Darrell Jennings <>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 09:48:27 -0700 (PDT)

I'm not sure if I am looking at the same printer, but
in viewing the Epson web site, the 3000 has a list
price of $995 (seems like a refurbished machine would
be a lot less than $900 if we are talking about the
same machine), and does not say that it accepts
archival inks.  It also is only a four color vs. six
for the 2000.  Am I looking at the one you are
referring to?  Any thoughts on how the four vs. six
(or now with the 2200, seven) color machines work?  

- --- Andrew Moore <> wrote:
> > >A question for all.  Does anyone other than Epson
> make
> > >a high quality archival printer for under $2000
> that
> > >makes prints of at least 11X14?
> >
> > Jon Cone has said that the 3000 is the perfect
> printer for Piezography.  It
> > is a big, workhorse of a printer and can do prints
> larger than 11x14.  I
> > bought my two refurbished on EBay for $900 apiece
> and have never had any
> > problems with either one.  They have huge ink
> cartridges so you don't need
> > the Continuous Ink System.  All kinds of archival
> inks in both black and
> > white and color are available for the 3000.
> I finally decided on the 3000 mainly due to the
> larger format (it will
> print full 16 x 21 (i.e. none of that space taken up
> by white borders),
> and as tina mentioned the big cartridges are nice. 
> I was also glad to see
> that the cartridges are individual ones, not one
> conglomerate cartridge
> containing all four colors.  That way when one color
> runs out I'm not
> forced to throw all of them away together.
> Now I'm just awaiting the correct piezo CD -- should
> arrive today -- (they
> sent me the wrong one) and I'll finish up the
> tests/flushing/etc. and
> tonight I'll hopefully run my first print.
> Clear some space on the desktop; the printer is just
> over 2.5 feet wide!
> I've heard complaints about the "pizza wheel tracks"
> and the mechanism
> that feeds the paper through (sometimes doesn't push
> it through very well
> and as a result the image gets compressed a bit) --
> but I have yet to
> determine if this is myth or reality.  Pizza wheel
> problem is easy to fix
> (remove them, plenty docs on the net about this).
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