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Subject: [Leica] RE:Re: M7 at a Bris
From: "Felix Lopez de Maturana" <>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 23:45:18 +0200

<It as another AE mode (called D mode) that when you press the button to
<lock the exposure where the camera is pointed, that exposure is LOCKED
<until hell freezes over, or the battery eventually dies, whichever comes
<first. Or, of course, you can push the button again while pointed somewhere
<else, or change modes to AE or M. But while in D mode, whatever your last
<reading was, is locked until you physically do something to change it.


In my EOS 1V there are following metering ways: evaluative ( taking account
of 32 different parts of picture and matching with a 30.000 recorded light
situations), average ( more or less central weight predominant), spot on the
center or on one of the 32 points where you can focus or multispot: you
point to up to eight differents points, register them pushing a button, and
the metering system averages measurements. For me the evaluative system
works 99 per cent of times and only in very tricky situation I need change
to other manual systems. All this systems may seem not ergonomical. They
actually are after some learning curve.

In some photograph groups like medium/large format or rangefinder rules the
"make it simple". Well it's right. But if someone is hands and brain agile,
just to program a VCR, you can truly enjoy some tecno toys. I love change
from a camera system to other and have some... It helps me to keep my mind
working. May be it would be quite different if I had earning a life as a
photo pro (Not as a lawyer and economist as I am(was)!!!!!)

Kind regards


PS I wonder why nobody realizes that a complex full automatic camera can be
easily set on manual. In a every modern top range SLR you can shoot manual
focus, manual metering (spot or average) and the only thing you cannot is
manual windering. So why so much noise just for a simple AE that my 1970
Konica Autoreflex T had! Or my Nikkormat EL!

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