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Subject: [Leica] Friday sale-I want a Leica
From: "Mike Stoesz" <>
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 06:21:50 -0600

Good day;

I WANT A LEICA M.  Therefore all this stuff must find new homes.  I have
no cash so this must be sold or traded.

Hasselblad stuff: includes 350mm f/5.6 Tele-Tessar C w/case, shade,
caps; Hasselblad Black ER case for 500c w/meter knob; 2-B50 0.5 Proxar &
1 B50 filter; 2 lens hoods.   $1400.00 for the lot.

Koni-Omega Rapid M w/60mm f/5.6 & 90mm f/3.5 lenses, 2-120 removable
backs.   $500.00

Canon VI-L rangefinder camera for LTM lenses. body only $450 OBO

Canon 135mm f/3.5 Chrome Serenar LTM lens.  $150.00

Canonet (original w/bottom lever wind & sel. meter)   $50.00

Canonet-S, $50.00

      Both Canonets work nicely for street photography

Minox 35 PL (the one with the built in flash) $100.00

Olympus XA w/A16 flash, EX+  $150.00

Olympus XA-2 RED w/ RED A-11 flash  $115.00

Olympus Pen EF, uncommon last model, $125.00

Pentax 40mm f/2.8 Pancake lens.  $175 (quite a bargain-check KEH or
*bay)(makes a "M" body Pentax pocketable)

Kodak Retinette IIb w/case $60.00 (a very unsuspecting street
camera)(look like a tourist)

Minolta Maxxum (early XX style, uncommon-collectable) body, $200.00

Leitz Valoy enlarger w/50mm f/4.5 Focatar lens  $225.00

Olympus cameras in need of TLC (some fixing)but look nice on a shelf.
     Auto-Eye, Trip 35 Black, Quickmatic EEM (2), Pen EE2, 
   Make an offer on the lot.

Brooks Veriwide 100 w/47mm f/8 Angulon, needs focus adjustment $600.00

Voigtlander Bessa I w/105 Vaskar (great pocket Med.Format) $135.00

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Mike Stoesz

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