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Subject: [Leica] M7 update
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 19:39:11 -0700
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Howdy folks,
Just finished printing negs shot by M7 this past week during radiation
treatment of a friend with an in-operable  tumor in his head. :-(

He's writing his feelings all through the treatment time of radiation, 30
treatments as well as eventually chemo and I'm shooting his changes during
the time until :

A/ he's better or

B/  ?  :-(  :-)

I left the camera on AE all the time and went with the exposure called by
the metering system without any further checking. All the frames were on the
mark and easily printable even where the light was contrasty. Actually
surprised me, and I only changed to a #1 filter on a couple of them for a
good print.

Even when I used both M7 & M6 at the same time I found I kept the M6 shutter
speed at the same settings and changed the aperture quickly for correct
exposure when the little red lights said .... "shoot!" ;-). The exposures
were nicely matched when using different lenses camera to camera. Although
I'm still leaning toward using identical bodies simply because you "do have
to make the changes on the M6 and none on the M7 but keep focusing and

No question, the M7 does make shooting live action much easier. And trust me
all these many past months of M7 change conversations and my insistence at "
the M6 ain't broke why fix it?"  I'm now completely convinced the changes
made are without question of great benefit to those of us who shoot on
assignment and use a ton of film.

To-morrow will be the start of another good challenge for the M7 as I begin
shooting a project on women in medicine with a cardiovascular surgeon doing
her thing. Trust me it'll be a very long day! And probably week, with cancer
radiation treatments and hearts by the bushel !

So a week from now and heaven only knows how many rolls we'll really know
how well the M7 holds up.

What I have found a bit annoying is forgetting to turn it "ON!" And only
discovering it when I've attempted to shoot. Oh well some of us are slow
learners, however, it comes from never turning off an M6 for 17 years! ;-)

I'd say any of you holding back waiting to see whether the," M7's" crash and
burn, I wouldn't wait, I'd get right at it putting  one on your shoulder and
make your picture taking lives simpler and faster.:-)

By the same token I acknowledge many of you don't shoot twenty rolls a day,
so the finery of the M7 wouldn't be of much gain. But then? You'll never
know until you've burned a few rolls, will you? ;-). ;-)


Ted Grant Photography Limited

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