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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Comments about Erwin Puts
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 17:51:39 -0800
References: <002c01c1e316$1a58d6e0$>

>> Personally, I was shocked when a retired journalist questioned Erwin's
>> integrity on the LUG.
>How is asking someone what their relationship is with a company whose
>equipment they do a tremendous number of reviews of, questioning someone's

The "question" - and frankly it was more of an interrogation, with a list
of numbered questions - wasn't asked plainly and civily, to say the least.
It came in a context of accusations and insults that have a long history on
this list, as anyone knows. While the question may have been appropriate,
the inquisition-style delivery was not, IMO. It was mean-spirited, and
personality driven, totally in keeping with the Lug's way of "dealing with"

FWIW, I wasn't subscribed to Erwin's newsletter, don't believe everything
he (or anybody else) says, am able to discern his opinion from
research-based facts, don't care about his relationship with Leica since
he's not my sole source of info on the gear and I'm capable of making up my
own mind, appreciate his input to this list and his website, am not
affiliated with him in any way other than having learned from his posts,
and get a lot more from the latter than the totally useless flap that they
seem to provoke.

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