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Subject: Re: [Leica] Another Dante PAW / broadband
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 06:51:51 +0200
References: <>

Hi Dante,

First of all, I actually liked one of the pictures in the "making of" section
(the one where she is smiling slightly) better than the main pic.

Secondly, statistics show that the majority of Internet users still use
dial-up access, even in the U.S., although I suspect that broadband is more
prevalent among the people on this list than in the Internet population in
general. But then there are those of us who simply cannot get broadband. I
live in a wealthy suburb of one of the world's financial centers, and yet I
can get neither DSL from Swisscom (because according to the company, my phone
line is the old-fashioned in-the-air kind and they can only put DSL on
underground lines) nor cable modem access (because we do not have cable TV in
my town). So for the foreseeable future I am stuck with ISDN and paying by
the minute. Even then, however, your "making of" section loaded pretty fast,
so no complaints on this one. But in general I think it is safest to design
web pages based on the assumption that people use narrowband access.


"" wrote:

> I'm getting 11 seconds from a flushed cache (max out of 3 trials) on a
> broadband connection - are you on 56k?
> Do most people here have 56k connections?
> Dante

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