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Subject: Re: [Leica] LA LUG Goes to ChinaTown
From: Henry Ting <>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 17:02:11 -0800 (PST)

I had a very enjoyable Saturday morning. 
Thanks, Frank for organizing it....and also for
pointing out that I really should have the 90 on the
.85 and the 35 cron on the .75., not the other way
around....well Frank, I know....and quite frankly it
never bothered me and I hate changing lens. Your
magnifier is way better than the .85 as far as
providing visual aid for longer lens.
See you all on our next reunion.

- --- Frank Filippone <> wrote:
> Well, there were 12 of us shooting the streets and
> people of ChinaTown in
> Los Angeles......  Looked like a red dot
> commercial....  We kind of added up
> the equipment around the luncheon table.... enough
> to afford a house.....
> M6 was the camera of the day, with an M4-2 and a R5
> and a pair of Canon
> EOS1V seen......  I do not remember an R8, but it
> might have been hidden
> someplace.....  Not too surpriseing, but I never saw
> a digital anything....
> I was shooting TMX100, the other film I heard about
> included Delta 400,
> SLide and print film.... so the results wiull be
> multi media.....
> A nice bright, puffy cloud day.... the people
> allowed us to shoot informal
> portraits, without chasing us for model releases or
> calling the cops on
> us....  We had lunch at a Dim Sum place, the Empress
> Pavilion.... all 11 of
> us at 1 table!  Very nice.....
> Lots of good talk, both travel, photographic, and
> equipment.....  The plan
> is to have a follow up print review ( print means
> whatever you want it to
> mean, including B+W, Slides, Computer images, etc.) 
> Late April or May....
> DIrections for what to bring.. a good one a a truly
> miserable one.... will
> follow......  Food will NOT be Chinese.....!
> Terry proved his 90AA had a loose iris ring.. expect
> to see him screaming
> for repair soon!
> Thanks everyone for coming and having a good
> time.....
> Frank Filippone
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