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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: re: Rapid Winders -TOTALLY ON TOPIC
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 15:32:26 -0800
References: <v04011703b8b2da66d5eb@[]> <002101c1c93c$9d845240$> <l03130301b8b2add25ee5@[]>

>Did your camera baseplate come with a basket?
>Why do you suppose Leica put it there?
>It is there to push the film up so that it aligns with the sprockets.>
>If you don't use the basket, you must always personally insure that your
>film is pushed all the way up on the take-up spool so the film sprocket
>holes align with the camera sprocket. Or you will get a miss load.
>I use a basket.
>Tom & Ted don't.
>It's a personal choice, but one has to wonder, if it is so superfluous, why
>Leica puts it there...

Ok, you guys have made your point. I'm feeling foolish here, but admit that
since I never used a RW before, I had no idea whether it had a basket of
its own, whether it was built in such a way as to render the basket
unnecessary, heck, I just never thought about it.

Now I've got it, and will do it!

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