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Subject: [Leica] Re: Rangefinder Whiteout Problem - The Answer from Leica
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:00:19 -0800
References: <>

Anybody out there ever hear of NDS? Non Disclosure Agreement. I sign them 
all of the time with Silicon Valley companies. Companies that I am not a 
part of, receiving no pay from, but want/need access to their technology. 
Or they want to talk to me about my/our technology. We both sign them.

The NDS states that I cannot divulge any company private information to 
anyone else.

It is a very simple concept.

All of the information that you all have right now about the M7 is BECAUSE 
Erwin was able to, as an independent and TRUSTED tester, write his reports 
ahead of time so that the moment that Leica said "go," he could publish his 
reports. We all got good information immediately.

Without Erwin, we all would have only the Leica AG brochures and Leica AG 
web site information. Basically sales literature. Not in depth information 
that we all so desperately want.

What's the old saying, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

Bitch and moan too much about Erwin's ability to spent countless hours 
testing, writing, looking through archives, talking to designers, etc, etc, 
etc... and he will simply stop reporting to us. He will simply publish his 
findings, as he does now, without giving us the skinny first. We can read 
it a few months later in some language other than English.

We are lucky that Erwin simply takes the abuse and continues to do he 
life's mission and passion. And continues to keep us informed, as best he 
can, with his findings.

I personally believe that Erwin should simply cease reading the LUG, cease 
posting to the LUG, post only to his own newsletter and web site, and of 
corse, the publications that regularly carry his writings.

And I would limit the newsletter subscriptions to those who are "not" cry 
babys about the fact that he has a better relationship with Leica AG than 
they have. And that he has signed a ND and must live by the rules or be cut 
off. Which, of course, would substantially reduce our knowledge about Leica 

Get a grip!


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