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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Taking precautions against fungus in tropical humidity
From: Henry Ting <>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 18:55:38 -0800 (PST)

Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia are all equally bad for
camera gears. Even with care, in daily usage, my M's
viewfinder developed haze and had to be cleaned after
I got back to California.
I found the zoom lens are the most prone for fungus

- --- Howard Cummer <> wrote:
>  > Andrea Cucina wrote:
>  > Hi to everybody,
>  > I am going to move to and live in a very humid
> tropical environment, and 
> I am
>  > pretty much concerned of the electronic
> components of the Leica (I have an
>  > R7).
>  > Hope you can help me in the search.
>  > Regards
>  > Andy
> Andy,
> I learned the hard way that keeping cameras
> unspoiled in tropical humidity 
> requires a "dry box" - these days usually a plastic
> sealed cupboard which 
> has a heater bar in it with a thermostat and a means
> to measure humidity. I 
> keep all my camera equipment in one of these (Eureka
> Auto Dry Box - made in 
> Japan) and when it gets full because I keep buying
> things - then I sell off 
> some things. I am now at the stage of thinking about
> getting another box - 
> as the present one is over flowing and I don't want
> to sell anything I 
> presently have. :-)
> My learning-the-hard-way story follows. I was living
> in Singapore and went 
> home to Canada one summer for holidays. In Singapore
> the clothes closets 
> had heaters in them to keep mildew off the clothes.
> While we were away the 
> maid turned off the heaters (saving money for us)
> and when we came back 
> after a month all the leather goods in the closet
> were green with mold and 
> a nearly new 90mm tele elmarit (finally on topic!)
> stored on the top shelf 
> had its internal glass etched with fungus. Be sure
> to buy and use a dry box 
> where ever you go. That way your R7 will work just
> fine.
> Cheers
> Howard.
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