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Subject: RE: [Leica] Its about ponds - was: VERY FUNNY LUG related story...
From: Adam Bridge <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 19:11:06 -0800

On 3/1/02 at 7:50 PM, (B. D. Colen) thoughtfully wrote:

> There's another thing, though, that I think my student was initially
> missing - and that's the idea that there could be a community flourishing in
> what is a very commercial, plastic, establishment. He goes into a
> Starbucks - if he normally goes in at all - and if he sees anything,
> apparently just sees a bunch of people drinking coffee. He has not seen the
> fact that those people include folks for whom Starbucks is their office,
> complete with computer; their dorm room, with text books and highlighters;
> their women's club, where a quiet cup of tea and gossip are shared; a 'guys'
> hang out; a singles bar, etc. etc......Hopefully he now understands
> this...the question, of course, is why he needed to have it pointed out to
> him.;-)

Absolutely - and well said, B.D.

Living in a college town as I do almost ANY place that sells coffee becomes a
whole culture unto itself.

I don't mind Starbucks myself. I haven't caught onto that aversion fad yet. But
again there are many alternatives here, from small locally-owned cafes to
Peets/Noah's although it's not as close to me.

In away these franchise stores: everything from Walmart to Starbucks to Borders
Books represent a cookie-cutter/rubber stamp de-culturizing agent. I can live
with Starbucks. But the effect on publishing of the huge booksellers is so
adverse that I don't have anything to do with the chains. Give me a good,
independent any day: Elliot Bay Books, the Tattered Cover, our local Avid

Those of us who purchase Leicas generally don't get sucked up in this culture.
Ritz Camera doesn't handle our gear. Lots of smaller guys with a passion for
their business do, however, and in a way it's a throw-back to a less mass-market
time. I have enjoyed all the Leica sales-folks I've met. All have a love of
their business. You can chose to do business with the person whose personality
you like. I like the personal touch.

This shows in this LUG, of course. We are wildly disperate in our occupations
I'm sure, but we definately care about our photography. Sure, some of our work
isn't what the group as a whole seems to find interesting, but on the whole
there's breath to the photos linked to this list that I find interesting.

So, returning to your point, we all are seeing our own microcosm of interest and
offering our own distinct viewpoint to make a pond that includes Paris, New
York, Nova Scotia and many other locales I can't right off remember. All seen by
people who are striving to see and to show what they understand.

I'd say our pond is pretty neat.  And thank all the frogs out there. I think
there are a fair number of hidden princeses and princesses judging from both the
work and the contributions.

Adam Bridge
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