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Subject: re: [Leica] Fixing up a Leica iiic and Summitar 2.0
From: Howard Sanner <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:18:36 -0500

>I have a Leica iiic in my closet.


>I've been told that the lens has "mold" even though I can't see it

	It's amazing how well these hazy, moldy, scratched lenses can
work, though I'd have it cleaned if I were having the body worked

>I'm thinking this could be a good "second camera" to the M-6.

	It's a very different camera from the M6.

>Do I have a prayer of having this camera restored to working
>condition?  If so can anyone estimate a range of costs?

	Yes. Anything mechcanical can be fixed; as long as there are
machine shops, mechanical Leicas can be kept running. The IIIc is
the most common screwmount Leica and any of the "usual suspects"
should be able to make it work like new. Anyone you'd want
working on it will charge you around $250 to CLA the IIIc and
clean the lens. My choice would be Sherry Krauter
(, but she's VERY slow working on screwmount
Leicas. (She's had one of my IIIa's over a year now.)

	I'd seriously consider having new shutter curtains installed,
period. My experience has been that the old curtains, even if
they seem OK at the time of CLA, usually go south within a few
months if you use the camera.

					Howard Sanner
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