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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT: 16mm projector shutter speed
From: bourgeois and biblical <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:37:11 -0600


> next time you are at the thrift store look into a slide projector, your
> subject matter is known, exposure is easy, and you can take the time to
> compose just the right mood.

oh, alright, i get what y'all are saying now.  that makes more sense.

> By the way, how did the concert work out?

well, through bad luck and doofusness, we managed to miss out on meeting 
bob kramer.  the food at the vortex--and the sweet goth waitress--were 

the concert was awesome, in spite of the fact that we had to stand 
outside until 10:45 (it was supposed to start at 10:00).  it was great 
to see moe tucker.  vic chestnutt, who played the middle set and called 
himself "the cheese in a rock icon sandwich" was hilarous and painfully 
poignant, which seems to be his MO.  jonathan richman, whom i think is 
probably the most underappreciated of all the great and important rock 
musicians, was just incredible.  it was just him and a drummer (like in 
"something about mary), which made for a really intimate show.  he did 
mostly newish stuff (none of the really old stuff, but some stuff from 
the 80s) and some stuff i didn't know at all.  the variety playhouse is 
a really nice venue.  you and sit or stand/dance, which is nice.  i got 
up close and, hopefully, got some good shots.  i'll process them 
tomorrow and try to make them my PAW for the week.

next time we had over to hotlanta, we'll have to plan better and try to 
all meet up for dinner or coffee or something.

- --
brad daly

"War, what is it good for?  It's good for business."
	--Billy Bragg

When I get depressed, I just look at our two wiener dogs.  You'll never 
see more of a can-do attitude in a can't-do body than a wiener dog."
	--Kevin Kling

Rap is a continuation of the Sex Pistols; it's quite obvious.
	--John(nny Rotten) Lydon

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