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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT: 16mm projector shutter speed
From: bourgeois and biblical <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 18:29:31 -0600


> Your projector should run pretty close to 24 fps, but many projectors 
> will show each frame twice to minimize the apparent flicker. This means 
> that each frame will be on screen for either slightly less than 1/48th 
> or 1/24th. On top of this, some
> projectors have been modified to run at 30 fps, showing each frame only 
> once. The purpose of this is to facilitate cheap video transfers. If 
> you are in a country where video runs at 25fps, your projector may have 
> been modified to run at that speed.
> What I suggest is to run a test first at speeds between 1/8th and 
> 1/60th and see what works best.
> The easy way out, of course, is to dupe the frames that you want and 
> use a slide projector.

bernard, thanks for the info.  my projector is really old.  it's a bell 
and howell diplomat.  i'd say it's of 50's or 60's vintage.  it's the 
old-style projector, where the "donor" reel and "take-up" reel are both 
on the front, one on top and one on the bottom.  so i'm pretty sure it's 
going to be at and older, standard shutter speed.

as for the image itself, i'm not so much interested in what's on the 
film--at least at this point--i'm just trying to nail down a technique 
for using a projector for high-key illumination.  i want it to be 
obvious that there's an image on the body of my model, but i'm not sure 
i care what it is.

also, i'm interested in using it simply as a high-key light.  i just 
wanted to know how to deal with the flicker of the light.

thanks again for all the info.


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