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Subject: [Leica] Re: Success crisis
From: "Eric" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 16:53:16 -0600
References: <>

Hey, Brian...

Would it be possible to thread digests, instead of having "first come, first

I can't imagine how anybody wades through a digest now.  I used to read the
digests, but finally realized I might as well take advantage of the
threading ability of my mail client.  Without threads, the traffic would be

If digests were threaded within each issue, then it would be easier for the
digest readers to completely skip threads.

Quite a while back, I think it was Jim who said he had a killfile for the "u
v f!lter" threads.  Any message that contained the magic words was
automatically junked.  There are easy client-side ways to deal with unwanted

It doesn't really matter to me whether or not PAW messages stay here.  I can
deal with either scenario.  Even if you split the list, I can still join
them together in my email client and pretend we're still one big, happy
family.  :)  If you don't split the list, I could split it myself based on
the word paw.  I'd prefer to have one LUG than a LUG divided.  What's next?
Should we split up into LUG--b&w and LUG--color?  LUG--58, LUG--72, and
LUG--85 can't be too far off.

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