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From: "Mildot" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 19:06:24 +0100

Jeff & John

The bag comes with a shoulder strap & in two sizes I opted for the Medium there is also a LARGE & it is large ( the F4 and the kitchen sink are gone)

As  to Johns comment on leaking,

I have used mine in some serious weather, including snow and very heavy downpour and I have never had a drop of rain or Espresso for that matter enter the hallowed vault, the bag is very flexible and it seems that the rain just runs off the zip area, which is also coated with a very non sticky lube which i have never got on the cameras either.

I have had the billinghams but found them a little too small [Alice] and the hadley, although a great bag a little to much Rupert bearish for my style.
The ortleib is at home in the subway and the dark areas of town as it is on a mountain, that is why i like it !!!!

May i take this opportunity to say that i am amazed at your knowledge of Leicas John !!!!!!

Hope this helps in shortening the journey for the Holy Grail  JEFF !!!!!!!

Regards Paul

Loading up with the noctilux for some night shots (it is 19.00 here in Sweden and as black as the ace of spades)

  The bag looks great as long as you do not open it! The waterproof zipper is
  right on top and would let water in if opened with out drying the bag first.
  Ortlieb make fantastic stuff; fantastic for transporting gear in wet
  conditions. It is not very good for USING gear in wet conditions. The
  Billingham Alice and Hadley bags are rain proof and have a large flap allows
  you to open the bag and still keep the water out.

  John Collier

  > From: "Jeffery Smith" <>
  > I have been indoors for two weekends because it is raining. A waterproof bag
  > would at least encourage me to venture into the streets of the French
  > Quarter in search of a PAW. I found this bag on the internet; does it fasten
  > to one's belt, or is it held only by shoulder harness?

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