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Subject: Re: [Leica] Fuji Neopan 1600: Resofine and Xtol
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 08:32:50 -0800

>I'm about to embark on another a low light documentary project using my
>trusty M6.
>I did a jazz project last year, using Tri-X developed in Xtol 1:3.
>For this project, I've been thinking of using Fuji Neopan.  In the jazz
>project, I found that the midtones and highlights tended to overdevelop in
>Xtol - at least using the recommended developing times.
>Gareth Jolly


I don't know Resofine, so can't speak to that, but I have had similar
problems with Neopan 1600 - consistently overdeveloped midtones and
highlights - but was determined to use it as a staple film, so I
experimented a bit until I found something that worked for me. You may wish
to try similar tests before giving up on Neopan/Xtol, which is a great

I develop Neopan 1600 in Xtol 1:2 at 68 for 7 minutes. This is 30% less
than what the Massive Development Chart recommends. I arrived at this by
first giving John Brownlow's version of minimal agitation a try; it didn't
work for me. I then just cut back on developing time first 10%, then 20%
and finally 30%, which gave me the results I wanted: good shadow detail,
printable highlights. I now use this film regularly with consistently good
results. Rated at 1600 with a Noctilux mounted on your camera, there's
almost nothing you can't capture.

If you do go with the Resofine, post your results. I'd like to hear how it
works out.

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