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Subject: RE: [Leica] re: protect leica in backpack
From: "Jeffery Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 10:42:30 -0600

I neat trick to prevent lenses from clacking against one another in the bag
is to take two rear lens caps, sand their flat ends, and glue them together
with a high quality epoxy (the kind that comes in two separate tubes to be
mixed, not super glue). If you do this, you can carry one camera body and
five lenses (one on the body) in a Domke 803 bag that has three slots in it.
I carry a Konica Hexar RF and 4 lenses in 3 slots with nothing hitting each

If sanding and gluing genuine Leica rear caps seems like heresy, buy some
Konica M end caps. They cost much less and work (although the lens may be
.000000000235 mm further or closer to the end cap than with a genuine Leica
end cap).

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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> Subject: [Leica] re: protect leica in backpack
> >That brings the question of how best to protect your M6 inside a
> >backpack.  Any ideas and experience from the list members that care to
> share?
> i just try not to put it in the same pocket with loose metal
> objects (keys,
> other lenses) sometimes it happens, but, as has been mentioned, your leica
> is tough. put a UV filter on it (or a lenscap if you're that sort) to
> protect the front element, but other than that, just toss it into the
> backpack.
> kc
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