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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Eric's PAW
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 23:03:34 -0800
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Nathan said this
> Eric,
> Having now looked at your first 3 weeks (I am behind in my PAW viewing and
> commenting), I have to say, you need to get out and photograph something else.
> The baby is cute and the shots well executed, but they are much too contrived
> for my taste, a la Anne Geddes (sp). I would keep just the one with the cat
> and the one where the baby is interacting with the two women.

I told Eric I agreed with this; that he needs to show us some other
stuff as well.
I didn't tell him NOT show us picture of his beautiful family.
Even I am not THAT crass. 
But to break it up a little.

It's been suggested by Kyles tongue in cheek but with much truth in it
list of Commandments that pictures of ones kids one keeps to oneself.
It's widely ignored. We see our kids here sometimes. We see buildings,
backs of people....

Although I have no idea what Ted and Tinas family looks like. Jesse's,
Lea's, or these others who have just come out for the freedom of
expression of the family man.
Some have given us occasional small peaks into their private lives. 

But It is also quite obvious that its not what this list is all about.
Perhaps this is just a coincidence. Perhaps one of us could make a
serious photo project of our direct house and family.
Tricky though as we have such a lack of objectivity on such close to us
subject matter.

I don't have a paw yet, I might but i do have a family page URL on my
own website
I thought some might think this questionable.
How may photography sites have got their family url on it?
But i consider family very important. I'm proud of mine.
Recently I've scanned about a hundred black and white pictures that I've
shot and from my families old photo albums and will make my family page
quite an extensive thing using quite a bit of hard disk space on my server.
But i suspect these pictures would not be the first thing the average
surfer would tend to click on on my website.
They don't want to see my family. They want to see my work.
I suspect they'd first click on my Commercial URL, Personal Work,
Scooter Project. Tear sheets, Halloween 2001 and other links one of them
being "Cleone's Book" which is a Family album from which I've made
another 100 recent scans from of late and will soon upload.
That's family photography too. A whole LIFE of a women. A women who I've
never met and who I'd assume died alone.

I express my opinions forcefully perhaps. But am aware that Hey! I'm
just some guy with an opinion!

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA
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