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Subject: [Leica] PAW week 3 Steve Unsworth
From: John Amiet <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 14:32:18 +1100

Am just coming up to speed with this years PAW. My review of yours so far.
Steves index is at:

Wk1 I really like. Your best so far. Need I say more.
Wk2 I find ordinary. The left hand girl is looking at the camera which nearly always annoys me. Sort of lacks anything 'happenig' for me.
Wk2 Al1. I really like this pic. Good interest in a 'happening'. Even thuogh the forground dominates, it does lend 'reason' to the subject. Good stuff.
Wk2. Al2. Nothing much to say.
Wk2. Alt3. I really like this one. I would like to see more of the empty road leading to top right. That would give a 'lonely togethrtness' to the player and listener, but I 
realize you probably had to cut because there was probably other people there that would not help the image. Great as is anyway.
Wk2. Alt4. For me it is 'just being there'. Purely subjective.
Wk3 I like the atmosphere. It looks to me as though the Minilux autofocussed on the background. Maybe you meant this. I keep looking at the guy with umbrella and 
an pulled back to the shop lights etc. Maybe shutterspeed was just too slow to 'freeze' the guy. Of course, with the Minilux I don't think you have control over speeds 
do you?
Wk3.Alt1 It is just 'being there'. Too much forground & no real centre of interest for my eye.
Summary: A good active start to this years PAW. Keep up the speed and quantity. It will pay off. Hope I can keep up the viewing!!
John Amiet
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
PAW Index:

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