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Subject: Re: [Leica] leicas in the rain
From: Henning Wulff <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 15:03:11 -0800
References: <200201190428.XAA03070@poseidon_2> <006901c1a114$e17d7d00$243334d1@jbilinsk>

At 10:12 AM -0800 1/19/02, Jacques Bilinski wrote:
>  > "In the past, there were weatherproof enclosures that could best be
>>  as a plastic bag with a glass filter embedded in them. Do they still make
>>  those?"
>Here's their link:
>Since I do canoeing, etc around salt water, when I needed a second body for
>my Leica M system I chose a Hexar RF. The reasoning being that the
>autoexposure and built-in winder would make it a lot easier to use in such a
>housing. I have yet to get the housing though so I can't say how well it
>works. One thing's for sure, salt water is very corosive and you do need
>some kind of protection for any 'normal' camera.

I've used EWA-marine housings for my occasional diving/snorkeling 
since about 1980. Before I put valuable things in them, I seal them 
up and harass them in the bathtub. Seems to be a good indicator. My 
first one gave up after about 18 years, so they are fairly durable. 
Some models are good for 20m, which is deeper than I am willing to go 
now, as I like snorkeling better than diving. The main thing for 
underwater use is to adjust the buoyancy to near neutral by putting 
weights (in soft wraps) in with your camera.

Using the rangefinder in the housing is essentially impossible, so 
you have to use scale focussing. I tend to put cheap SLR bodies in 
them, but AF is not very useful. AE and motor wind is.

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