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Subject: RE: [Leica] leicas in the rain
From: BrutuS <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 02:15:05 -0800

>>In the past, there were weatherproof enclosures that could best be described
>>as a plastic bag with a glass filter embedded in them. Do they still make
>>Jeffery Smith
>>New Orleans, LA
Still made by a comapny called Ewa Marine, and listed by dealers like B&H.

They come in a few sizes and shapes and are specified as waterproof to
moderate depths (10m or more, a limitation being compression of the "bag").
Some models are intended for automatic cameras and offer less control,
others have a reverse glove to allow more access to settings. I'm thinking
of getting one for use in small boats. They also make a "hood" for use in
rain, and from time to time someone has advertized cheaper Gortex hoods on
photonet. Another option for rain would be a DIY   rig with a heavy plastic
bag and a filter.

The Nikonos is a different option. Keep in mind that lens choice above
water is limited  (35mm f2.5, 80mm f4, 28mm f3.5 "LW"- others like the 20
and 15 and 28mm "UW" are designed for underwater and are blurry in air) and
all are scale focusing. The camera is built to operate to over 50m deep,
which is more than needed (perhaps overkill) for rain and spray.

Yet another choice are weatherproof P&S cameras like many of the Olympus
models (I had one work through heavy ocean spray in a small skiff), the
Pentax WR something (able to survive actual dunking), and a Canon model
which comes in weather proof and waterproof (to 5m) versions.

(Dare I also mention the weather resistant specifications of the Nikon
F100, Canon EOS1V and 3?)

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