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Subject: [Leica] For Sale: Leica-Related Books
From: Dave Jenkins <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 09:53:13 -0500

For Sale: Leica-Related Books

Cartier-Bresson, Henri:  “AMERICA IN PASSING.”  First North American
edition, 1991.  As new, in as new dust jacket.  $85

Cartier-Bresson, Henri:  “HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON.” 1976 Aperture series.
Small hard cover volume, fine.  $40

Cartier-Bresson, Henri: “MAN AND MACHINE.”  HC-B’s perceptive Leica
Photographs of the modern industrial age. Ex libris, but fine condition
in VG dust jacket.  $75

Duncan, David Douglas: “GREAT TREASURES OF THE KREMLIN.”  Forget the
silly controversy over the photos of Cartier-Bresson and view the work
of a Leica master. After persuading Kruschev to allow him to photograph
the treasures of the Kremlin, DDD accomplished the job magnificently
with a pair of M3s, Kodachrome, available light, and a few old
Mighty-Lite flashes. This is the 1967 expanded edition with tipped-in
photogravures.  Very fine in very fine dust jacket.  $85

“GREAT TREASURES OF THE KREMLIN.”  1979 reprint of the original 1960
first edition. Very vine in very good dust jacket.  $35

Duncan, David Douglas:  “GOODBYE PICASSO.” First edition, 1974.  Very
fine in orange burlap binding, fine dust jacket with small mended tear.

Same, orange burlap cloth over boards, no dust jacket. $70

Duncan, David Douglas:  “SELF-PORTRAIT: USA.”  Leitz loaned Duncan a
Leicaflex SL with a 400mm f6.8 Telyt lens. With this combo he created a
record of the 1968 Republican and Democratic national conventions which
must be seen to be believed. Very good in worn & tattered dust jacket.

Duncan, David Douglas:  “THE FRAGILE MIRACLE OF MARTIN GRAY.”  First
edition, 1979.  Very fine, in very fine dust jacket.  $25

Duncan, David Douglas:  “THIS IS WAR.” Was Kodak Super XX film any good?
See for yourself in these classic Leica photographs of the Korean War.
First edition, 1951.  Near fine, in torn & chipped dust jacket. $125

Same, no dust jacket, some fading on cover.  Contents very good.  $55

Duncan, David Douglas:  “VIVA PICASSO.”  First ed., 1980.  Very fine, in
very fine dust jacket.  $75

Eisenstaedt, Alfred: “THE EYE OF EISENSTAEDT.” The Leica photographer
who was voted the greatest photojournalist of the 20th century. Second
printing, 1969. Very good in good dust jacket.  $15

Erwitt, Elliot:  “THE PRIVATE EXPERIENCE.”  First edition, 1974.
Near-fine hardcover with very good (no tears) dust jacket.  $25

Frank, Robert:  “THE AMERICANS.”  1978 Aperture reprint of this seminal
classic. As new in very fine (very slight edge yellowing) dust jacket. A
beautiful copy of a very important book.  $250

Freed, Leonard:  “BLACK IN WHITE AMERICA.”  Soft cover, no date.  Fine,
binding slightly loose, some edge scuffing.  $35

Gibson, Ralph: “L’HISTOIRE DE FRANCE.”  The first color book by a master
of black & white Leica photography. First edition, 1991. As new in as
new dust jacket. $65

Same, very fine in fine (one small mended tear) dust jacket.  $55

Goldin, Nan:  “THE BALLAD OF SEXUAL DEPENDENCY.”  First edition, 1986.
Very fine in very fine dust jacket.  $95

Kisselbach, Theo: “THE LEICA BOOK.”  First edition, 1967. Worn and faded
cloth binding, spine loosening.  Contents fine.  $15

Koudelka, Josef:  “GYPSIES.” Koudelka is another of the classic Leica
photographers whose work needs no introduction to Leica users
everywhere. First edition, 1975. Fine in complete dust jacket with
mended tears. $125

“LEICA WORLD.”  First edition, 1957. If you love that classic Leica
look, you’ll love this book. Photographs by 77 of the greatest Leica
photographers of the day. Good, in tattered & stained but complete dust
jacket.  $20

Levitt, Helen:  “A WAY OF SEEING.”  Special MOMA first edition, 1965.
Very rare. Near-fine, soft cover.  $275

Maroon, Fred J.:  “THESE UNITED STATES.”  First edition, 1975. A love
song to America from distinguished Leica M and R photographer Maroon,
who passed away just a few weeks ago. Very fine in very good dust jacket
with some small tears and fraying.  $25

Ray-Jones, Tony:  “TONY RAY-JONES.”  Iconoclastic photographs of the
English at leisure by a young man who would undoubtedly have become one
of the great masters but for his death at the age of 30. First edition,
1990. Very fine in very fine dust jacket.  $60

Rogliatti, Gianni:  “LEICA: THE FIRST 60 YEARS.”  First ed., 1985.
Fine, in near fine dust jacket. $75

Roy Stryker handed painter Ben Shahn a Leica and sent him out to take
pictures around the depression-era South and Midwest. This book has been
around too – it was once a part of the New York Times reference library.
The gray cloth binding is yellowed and faded, the dust jacket is long
gone, but the contents are fine.  $25

Wolff, Dr. Paul:  “MY EXPERIENCES IN COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY.”  First American
edition, 1948. Color photographs by the man who did more than anyone
else to popularize the Leica. Very fine in torn (part of back panel
missing) dust jacket.  $50

RODEO.”  First edition, 1980. Still in original unopened shrink wrap.

Same, very good, in worn dust jacket.  $40

I am a Leica user and LUG member (mostly lurk, but contribute
occasionally). All prices include book rate shipping to the continental
U.S. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover (call 800-669-3051 with card
number), money orders, cashier's checks, and personal checks from list

Dave Jenkins Photography
Kensington, GA

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