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Subject: Re: [Leica] unscannable Delta 3200?
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:14:38 +0100

The problem described is called grain aliasing. The article on
gives a very good description of it. Basicly it is caused by the fact that
the spatial frequency of the grain and the spacial frequency
of the scanner resolution start to interact. Solution is to get a scanner
with a higher scan resolution.

Meino de Graaf

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You did not say which developer you have used. I find that DD-X and XTOL
work very well with D3200. Also, what did you expose it at? The general
consensus is that the true speed of this film is about 1200-1600 and you
should develop for the times given for 3200 in the data sheet.

Assuming that you have exposed and developed correctly, it remains true
D3200 is not easy to scan. I have had negatives that I simply gave up on (I
use a Nikon LS-2000). But I have also had many successful scans from this
film, so it is a matter of trial and error. I used to have the original HP
Photosmart and it did not have any scratch-reduction feature (like Nikon's
ICE). I assume that your HPS20 also does not have such a feature, but if it
does, you need to turn it off when scanning B&W film.


DRP wrote:

> Hi list
> I'm still trying to scan this nice BW from neg, but I get huge "grain"
> probably due to diffraction at 2400dpi (HPS20 filmscanner)
> Before giving up, I wanna try two other directions:
> - finer grain developement (Ilfotec DDX or microphen)
> - scan on other filmscanners at different dpi  (2700, 2820, 2900... ) and
> see diffraction's evolution.
> Any tip or user advice?
> Somebody wrote me he could only scans positives from the wet darkroom.
> I'd really like to play further directly from the neg inside Photoshop
> print quadtones...
> Thanks and best regards
> Didier
> PS
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