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Subject: [Leica] David Degnars new photo's
From: "Don Dory" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 23:39:27 -0500

I think this is the strongest image of the school pictures.  Except for
catching the object in mid-flight you have caught them in the act so anybody
who has been 16 understands.

You have a couple of choices in these situations.  If you recognize the
situation when photographing then meter for the shadow detail you want to
hold, let the highlights blow out where they may.  One of your previous
posts talked about the zone system so: Probably the eye detail on the off
light side is the most important, meter that as tight as you can and
decrease exposure 1.5 to two stops to let the shadow approximate Zone III+.
If you shoot the whole roll in similar conditions then use a developer
diluted more than you usually do, say D-76 at 1:2 with a decreased agitation
schedule. Or my favorite, Xtol 1:3.

If you catch this situation in the printing stage then break out the burning
and dodging tools cause you're going to work for this one.  Decide what you
want white and what you want black.  Do test prints to find out times for
this.  Using a low contrast filter expose for the shadow as your first
printing exposure.  Put in your high contrast filter and either dodging the
shadow or burning the higher lights give your second exposure.  Keeping the
high contrast filter in now burn in the areas that need more exposure to
come off Zone 10.  If necessary, use some ferricyanide bleach to touch up
some tiny areas such as eyes that got too dark.

I also like the Agfa films as well.  Although I'm probably going to settle
on Across and Neopan 1600 as my primary B&W films.

Hope this helps.

Don Dory

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