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Subject: Re: [Leica] re: frugal plug
From: John Straus <>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 11:03:11 -0600

on 12/23/01 7:56 AM, Ted Grant at wrote:

> G'day John,
> Well the lads here do poke at a body occasionally, so don't take them too
> seriously. :-)

I like poking but only when followed with emoticons!! ;) Right Marc :O
> However, there was some good advice to your question. If you wish to improve
> your photographic ability there really is only one way, that is "shoot tons
> of film," period. And to do that, if you're unfortunately having an economic
> situation and as much as I can't imagine doing it, "sell the Leica (total
> blasphemy ) :-) buy a lesser machine " for your early learning to see
> curve."

I have other cameras I can sell (and may) if I need to support the Leica
system. As for trying to save some $$ it was in the area of: Save $$ here
then I can spend $$ somewhere else. Lots of people read into stuff that I
didn't think I was implying??
> Your Leica results will be better and as we all tend
> to blame the "equipment" when things go a foul, you will be passed that part
> creating wonderful results with the newly acquired Leica.

I don't blame my equipment anymore :) as a good photo doesn't need to be
made with anything special. It just has to have the right feeling... I got
into Leica M for the body, the lenses are just a bonus ;) ( waiting for
the flames)

> Now having said that, next best solution is purchase your film in 100' rolls
> and load your own film cassettes, as many find this very economical for
> early stages of learning. Then purchase the minimal amount of film
> developing gear and do your own. From there you can unfortunately get deeper
> into money for a few trays and make contact sheets for minimal editing and
> critique. And getting deeper into debt, comes an enlarger. Or scanner....
> even more money! :-(

I like the process your own B&W idea as it gives me the most flexibility in
film speed without having to pay labs to push or pull process. As for the
darkroom, the guy I sold my enlarger too years ago just asked me a few
months ago if I wanted to buy it back :)

> Unfortunately old buddy this has to go back to your court for the answer.
> But before I'd sell the Leica, I'd cut back on food and other good things
> and buy film! :-) And I'm serious about that one, it's not tongue in cheek.

Well I'm not selling any Leica, I have other cameras/lenses I could sell but
that would be to support the Leica system. As for film I think I'll make
it...I have about 60-70 rolls of various slide, B&W, color print sitting
around most in the freezer. Some good some expired but all can be used for
shooting in the upcoming months.

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Chicago, IL

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