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Subject: Re: [Leica] sorta a week "Finals Week"
From: David Degner <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:39:08 -0500

Since I always like the critiques you give me of my photos, and shooting in 
high schools is about the only environment I have real experience in, ill 
critique your photos.

1)I love the idea of the first one, "people strewn across the floor".  The 
girl in the midground, looking down at the crammer could add a lot if she 
was more noticeable.

2)In the second one, the light was definitely working for you.  I like how 
the tables look like stepping stones, back to the cliques in the 
background. The graininess actually adds to the atmosphere.

3) The third one you caught the perfect moment.  Glasses usually mess me up 
because they cut out part of the pupils but somehow you got them to make 
the eyes look bigger and more expressive.  How did you get the students to 
ignore you in this on?  Since you obviously bent down to frame the shoot 
they must have seen you, yet there acting perfectly normal look.  You might 
want to try burning in the paper to make it not completely white because it 
gets distracting.

These all show why I need to break down and get that 28mm rokkor (instead 
of the heliar).  What lens did you use? What film did you use for inside? 
Good job.

David Degner

At 10:06 PM 12/17/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Last week was finals week at my daughters school.  Mass chaos as students
>feverishly studied for the next test just about anywhere they could spread
>out their books.  The only calm was in the few moments before the exams were
>actually handed out.
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>Those electrons need recycling, keep the comments coming.
>Don Dory
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