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Subject: Re: [Leica] ordered Noctilux
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 20:58:54 -0800
References: <001601c1877d$315faca0$1646510c@78mlp01>

I've spent the last year taking pictures with a 1.4 Summilux wide open, and I am often outraged that the dial stops at 1.4. I have used a Noctilux once, for a day, and I know what it is, and I know that it is an acquired skill. But mostly I find that (a) the pictures that I want to take are all indoors in poor light, and (b) the Noctilux will, for the first time, allow me to use an "if you can see it, you can photograph it" discipline. It takes the light sensitivity of my camera (with appropriately goosed-up film) into the same realm as the light sensitivity of my eyes. I consider that to be magic.

Also I am in love with many of the pictures that I see posted to the net that were taken with this lens. I want to be able to take pictures like that. I've tried with my Summilux, I really have. Outdoors in the daytime it is a better lens, but I haven't been taking pictures outdoors in the daytime. 

Of course I don't want to spend that much money. But half of the required money is already allocated to that store, in the form of a gift certificate, and I've been a customer at K&S for 30 years and I like them and I trust them.

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