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Subject: Re: [Leica] Our own bag
From: "John R. Fulton Jr." <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 11:23:07 -0600
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Being a friend and colleague of Jim Domke I can tell you that making 
bags is not fun. He grew very tired dealing with suppliers of canvas, 
snaps, hooks, and then there was the sewing it all together.
Believe me, LUG agreeing on one design would be the easy part. <g>
I suspect the patch idea might be most workable. It could say 
something like, "This bag was not custom designed by LUG!" Then you 
sew it on whatever you want.
[BTW, if anybody really wants a custom bag, I was in the workshop of 
a NYC bicycle messenger bag maker, and they said they could make up 
any bag I wanted. I could dig up the name, given some time.]
John Fulton
Fort Worth

>Well now...let's get really serious.  Would there be any desire for the LUG
>to develop and have sewn "its'" own bag with the LUG logo ( whatever such
>would be )?  Proceeds to the 911 fund? I might be sorry ( I am the President
>of our local symphonic society as well, and does THAT take time ) but
>perhaps I can call on the skill of our other members and help make "it"
>happen.  Again...really think about "it"...don't fire from the hip and say
>OK, and then disappear.
>You all get the drift I am sure. Do we have any graphic designers out there
>who might want to help with a logo....any individuals familiar with Cad/Cam
>to help plan the bag's dimensions and design?  Would appear to be a very
>hard project, and we might end up merely reinventing the wheel.  Wonder if
>the Domke people might get involved...then, all we might need would be a LUG
>logo, and some feed back after the folks at Domke make a tentative design.
>Hmmm....somehow, seems just too impossible.
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>Subject: [Leica] Our own bag
>>  <Perhaps we should design a LUG bag, have such manufactured, and assign
>>  proceeds to our group ( vbg ).>
>>  A couple years ago the White House Press Assoc had Domke make a limited
>>  series of bags for them, they a individually numbered and have the logo
>>  sewn on the outside, its a nice bag and the execution is very subtile.
>>  Sooo.. it can be done.
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