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Subject: [Leica] Re: Long term value of C/V lenses
From: Robert Marvin <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 10:03:25 -0500
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At 11:48 PM -0800 12/15/01, Steve LeHuray  wrote:
Another thing to consider is, will Cosina even be producing Voightlander
lenses in 15 years? Actually lets think 5 years, Cosina being a bottom line
driven company and this whole Voightlander thing is a HOBBY for the CEO. I
will go for the NOT being around in 5 years, which will make these CV
products pretty worthless or at best a novelty.

In that case, they might become expensive collectibles like f1.1 
Zunow lenses or the original Voigtländer Noktons (which were sold at 
stores like the old Peerless in NYC-- in combination with Contax IIas 
& IIIas-- at a lower price than Sonnars) or Taylor Hobson Cooke 
Amatols, which I recall being sold REALLY cheaply, by the same (late 
& lamented) store in combination with Canon VI s.

Of course this is just conjecture. I bought my C/V lens (a 15 & a 
35/f1.7) to USE. I don't give a rat's a** if the price goes up or 

Bob Marvin

Bob Marvin
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