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Subject: [Leica] Macro Lens choices
From: "Aram Langhans" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 06:45:23 -0800
References: <>

I have a 100/4 bellows macro setup, but have been thinking of a change.  I
am sure the bellows is not quite as convenient as a macro lens.  I have the
Novoflex automatic bellows, but, of course, the 100/4 is a one cam, stop
down metering affair.  I have contacted Leica about adding extra cams and
they say that lens cannot be upgraded like the other one/two cam lenses.
So, I have to use the DOF preview lever while metering.  I have toyed with
the idea of disconnecting the auto levers in the bellows so the lens will
stop down w/o having to depress the DOF lever.  I often forget get
improperly exposed photos.  Or if the light changes it takes more time to
adjust the exposures and I might miss my opportunity.  Can't use one of the
auto exposure modes.

So, here are my choices.

I could get the 100/4 macro at a reasonable price or the 100/2.8 APO at
about 3x the price.  I have been happy with the quality of my bellows 100/4.
Is the focusing macro 100/4 the same optical formula?

I am sure the 100/2.8 APO is a very fine lens, but is it worth the
difference for 1 f-stop?  Does it perform that much better at f 5.6 and
beyond?  For most macro work, DOF is at a premium, so stopping down is
mostly the rule, not the exception.

Both of these lenses need "help" to reach 1:1 and beyond.  If I save my
bellows, they could both work in auto mode on the Novoflex bellows.  Would
the 100/2.8 APO perform well at 1:1 using extension rather than the special
optics designed for 1:1?

I also have a 90/2.8 that I use.  If I bought the 100/2.8 APO, would that
make my 90 expendiable?  Would the 100 perform as well for portraits?  For
infinity shots?  Is it bulkier than the 90/2.8?

Any help would be appreciated.



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