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Subject: Re: [Leica] Briefcases are for briefs
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 14:57:14 -0500
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Wonderfully put, Sonny and Ted- I don't think anyone is suggesting that 
one should go hammer nails with their Leica - save that for the Canon 
F1, or Nikon F, both of which can take the beating and keep on clicking! 
But there is a world of difference between misusing cameras and being 
afraid to USE cameras. I do do my best to protect my gear: I keep it in 
a padded bag or case when traveling; I have finally learned to place my 
cameras on the floor, rather than on a table top or chair when on a job; 
I try to keep them as dry and dust free as possible and still get the 
shots I need. But all of that said, if you use your gear, you will put 
some wear on it.....I'm always amused by how folks will lose sleep over 
ever little nick and scratch, and then talk about how cool some brassed 
to hell and back M2 or M4 looks...;-)

B. D.

SonC (Sonny Carter) wrote:

> Andrew, Mark,
>     I seriously hope you don't think I  neglect my cameras when I say
> go out and use them.  I would never
> "bang-it-around-it's-just-a-camera."
> That said, I'll sing another verse of my oft-sung song.   The only way
> I truly enjoy my Leica is to carry it with me every day.  I use it,
> and in using it, I've worn the black chrome down where my hands have
> held it while I shoot.  The paint on the back door has worn a bit
> thin.
> Oh, yes, l got a nick or two.  My M6 has a tiny ding just above the
> eyepiece.  That's after ten years of near daily use.  (I also dinged
> the rewind knob, but replaced that.)   My CL came to me dinged, but in
> almost a year has not gotten any more.
> My R3 is mostly a lovely gray chrome, because the farmer that bought
> it so many years ago kept it with him in his pick-up truck, and used
> it all the time.  It still has lots of life in it, and no dings at
> all, just a smoothness and patina that I admire.
> If you want to worship your Leica, I say that is OK.  Just take it
> places with you and let it get the experiences that it wants.  It
> hates being locked away from the light.  If you don't believe me, just
> ask your Leica.  Take it out for a walk, and see how much it enjoys
> being outside.
> If you're fearful some goon is gonna steal it away from you, then you
> probably are going to un-safe places, and should mind your own safety.
> In a comment here the other day, someone said that they don't have the
> time to go out and shoot as much as I do.  I let that slide, but I
> want to point out that I am a full-time 12 month staff member at a
> University, not faculty.  I make a reasonable living, but it is
> modest, as I am a civil servant.  I have two kids at home and two now
> out of University.  I shoot so much because I always havwe my camera.
> I'm not a priveledged person with unlimited means.  I process my negs
> and scan them direct to share with you, because I cannot afford the
> cost of prints.   Yes, I own Leicas, and four Leica lenses, and I
> bought all of that except the M6 second-hand.  The M6 came to me as a
> trade-in, with a rebate combined with some insurance money.
> By the way, when I bought my M6 new, the US price was comparable to
> the current Aus cost, and my income was quite a bit lower than the
> average current Aus wage you report.
> Cameras are tools.  A craftman takes care of his tools.  He also does
> not keep his special hammer locked away in a special tool-chest.
> As they say, that's my   US$ .02
> Sonny in Natchitoches
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