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Subject: [Leica] Re: Loading 35mm 36 exposure film
From: "Eric" <>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 04:38:27 -0600
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>It matters not whether the reels come from Germany, Japan, England, or Libya
>provided that they be stainless steel reels. Some brands are stronger than
>others, but I have used them all and have no preference for one brand over
>an other.

I've recently gotten some no name bum reels.  I used to think the brand
didn't matter.  A reel is a reel is a reel.  These past reels changed that
thinking.  It turns out that they didn't come out of the box exactly level.
I ruined a few rolls of film before I figured that out.  The one that I mock
loaded before going into the darkroom turned out to be the best one of the
bunch.  That dang Murphy.  So I tried loading the others in daylight, too,
and noticed they were catching at various spots.  If I bent the reel away
from the spot where they were catching, it seemed to work a lot better.

Decided my film wasn't worth taking chances with, though.  So I grudgingly
went ahead and bought 4 Hewes reels.  Never a problem with them since.
Before this last bunch, I had never had problems with any cheap brands of

If you're ruining film and are running out of patience with yourself, I'd
give Hewes reels a shot.  What have ya got to lose?  :)

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