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Subject: [Leica] SF20 flash and Ted Grant
From: Ken Lassiter <>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 19:28:05 -0500


I admire you and respect you a lot.  You make wonderful pictures, much
better than I can ever hope to do.  You are a master.  I must admit,
though, I can't recall ever seeing a flash photo made by you.  Maybe you
have.  Have you?

Like you, I have made 99% of my photos by available light -- without
flash.  I owned a Vivitar but very seldom used it with any camera.  I
resisted getting a SF20 for a long time.   I thought it looked like a
toy.  How could such a little flash ever be useful?

Then I bought one because I was going to a place where I knew I must
have flash and wanted a small unit to carry.  Then I started using the
SF20.  Not all that much.  I still prefer available light.  But like W.
Eugene Smith who always used available light, I do find times I can make
a better picture using the little SF20 flash unit I now have
available.   (Smith is reputed to have said, "Sure I use available
light: daylight, strobe, hot lights -- whatever is available!"

I showed Tina Manley some of my photos and she ran out and bought a SF20
unit and used it sometimes on her last trip to Honduras.  Ask her if it
is true.  I know you also admire and respect Tina.

If you can tell me you have tried the SF20 with a TTL M6 or on your R8
and found it to be useless, I will believe you.   But until you do, I
stand on my case.  Try it.  Others who have agree.  It might not work
for you.  But every photographer has times when a little more light or
more control over the light would make a better picture.  I certainly
do.  Maybe  you?

Respectfully... Ken Lassiter

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