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Subject: Re: [Leica] posing with the gold lizardskin Leica
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 14:13:14 -0800
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"James Mason, Arctic Sounder" wrote:

> [snip just enough to remove original context] If you guys don't want to
> hear the truth, I'll just make stuff up from now on.

 Sounds good - I've always been dead-set against any truth that goes
against my beliefs anyway.

BTW: what is the element of truth to the statement:

"Any working news photographer will tell you, the purpose of a Leica
is to hang around your neck for the publicity photo after you win an
award. Work with the EOS, pose with the Leica..."

Is that like saying that there is an element of truth to the statement
'Porsches are only good for showing off to the neighbors'? I say it is
hyperbole, not truth. Of course, I am not a working news photographer so
what do I know.

I guess I am bored today, waiting for it to get dark so I can make some
- - marc

> James Mason
> >i was going to make the same observation myself about mr. mason
> >after the "pose with the Leica" post.
> >
> >pity; he was so memorable as professor humbert humbert ...
> >
> >-rei
> >
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