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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica Users digest V21 #123
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:16:27 +0800

Hi James,

The 19 Elmarit previous version is one of my favorites as well.  Sharp,
great contrast, low distortion at the edges and if you are fortunate used
ones can be had at a great value. I bought mine for US$420 with hood and
all. The new one according to Erwin's book is better but the price is a big
difference as well.I dont think I will sell my current one even if I bought
the new one!



>Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 23:47:50 -0900
>From: "James Mason, Arctic Sounder" <>
>Subject: Re: [Leica] .....R19/2.8......
>Message-ID: <a05100300b82ba4b98869@[]>
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>In 1982 I shot a photo of the skyline of Portland, Oregon with the
>previous 19 2.8. The picture was for a brochure, and the company
>doing the scanning had a Heil scanner operator who was famous for
>being a fanatic about quality. At 3 in the morning my phone rang.
>"Are you James Mason, the photographer?" asked a voice with a heavy
>German accent. "Yes, what is it?" "I just scanned a skyline shot
>taken at dusk. What lens is that?" I was trying to figure out why he
>was calling me at 3 in the morning..."That was shot with a Leica 19
>Elmarit on a Leicaflex SL2" I answered. "Unbelievable!" he says, then
>hangs up...later I was told that he stood the chromalin made from the
>scan on his work table and would stand and stare at it. I shot the
>picture wide open on Kodachrome 25. I have other images from this
>lens and they jump right up off the light table. I've also had the
>Canon FD 20 2.8, and several Nikon 20mm lenses, and the 21 Elmarit
>for the M Leica...all are good, but none are close to the 19 Elmarit.
>I'd sure like to get the new one, although I have a hard time
>believing it is better.

>James Mason

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