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Subject: Re: [Leica] CL or Bessa T?
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:16:17 -0800
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Isn't there a problem with using some 21mm lenses on the CL? I believe it is the
Super-Angulon f4 and f3.4 that interfere with the meter arm - check Bower's book
or some other resource to be sure. If you have one of these 21's you are better
off with the Bessa. Otherwise, get the CL - they look way cooler ;) I bet the CL
meter is more sensitive too.

- - marc

Jay Burleson wrote:

> OK, hereís my plan. Please feel free to tell me Iím nuts.
> I would like a second body of some kind.
> I was thinking about using it for wide-angle lenses only.
> For my 21 and 35, with viewfinders.
> So I donít need a M6, but I want and must have a built-in meter.
> So, I can use either a Bessa T, or a CL.
> I like the idea of a CL, keeping the equipment within the family, so to
> speak. (Snobby, ainít I?)
> But the Bessa is a good price and a new camera.
> So Iíd like to here from folks that use one or the other, and maybe somebody
> who uses bothÖ Especially with 21-35mm lenses.
> Metering quality? Etc., etc.
> Thank you kindly,
> Jay Burleson
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