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Subject: [Leica] Re: WAS:noctilux halloween images NOW: bend the knees.
From: "John R. Fulton Jr." <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 09:17:04 -0600
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I was doing a story on a high school wrestler. I set up two strobes 
on stands at opposite corners of the mat. This during a tournament. I 
used radio remotes to trigger them. There was also another 
photographer using a strobe  on his camera. Since I was doing this 
story on this kid I shot-alot during the match. Meanwhile the other 
photographer got into it, and he really banged off a number of 
pictures, too. Got the picture -- many flashes.
I asked the wrestler after the match if all the flashes bothered him. 
He looked at me and asked, "what flashes?" He told me he hadn't 
noticed them at all.
SI's set-up (I'm not sure about today) use to be to use four 2000 
(2500) watt second Speed-a-trons, modified to give short duration 
flashes. Those were mounted in the four corners of the arena, on or 
around the ceiling and aimed down at the court. Spectacular lighting.
John Fulton
Fort Worth

>>I cover high school and the 'pros' from the local AP and papers all use
>>flash with their D-1's. Don't they concern themselves with the athletes?
>How would using flash hurt the athletes?  I've seen behind the scenes videos
>with Sports Illustrated photogs that show how they rig flash units over
>basketball goals to help get better color shots.  I'm thinking the flash is
>more powerful, closer to the players, and more likely to be in a direction
>where the player is looking than some small flash on the sideline in a
>football game.
>I don't know for sure one way or the other.  That's why I ask.
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