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Subject: [Leica] very old leica manual
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 23:29:32 EST

any of you historically minded types familiar with the Leica Data Book, by 
Karl A. Barleben Jr., F.R.P.S., priced at 50 cents, copyright 1933, 3rd 
edition published in 1934, by the Fomo Publishing Company, Canton Ohio?

It's a handy little thing, 5 by 7 inches in size, which Mr. Barleben says in 
his introduction is really a reprinting of a looseleaf binder of material he 
had put together and decided others might like it. It has lens, exposure, 
projection, film, filter, developing data and conversion factors for a 
variety of weights and measures, some nifty cut-away pictures of lenses and a 
double-truck ad in the center from the E. Leitz company , maker of the Leica 
Autofocal Camera, models D E and F.

Looks like a predecessor to the Leica Manual, and I wonder if anyone knows if 
there is a connection?

how's this for weird: under "projection data" it talks about the Udimo 
projector that uses leica camera lenses, and tells you which one to use for 
various screen sizes and distances. A 50mm elmar at 6 feet gives you a 2foot, 
6 inch by 3foot 9 inch image, it says here. For longer distances it suggests 
longer lenses.

anyone know anything about it?
charlie trentelman
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