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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT:Photo grad school.
From: David Rodgers <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 12:58:07 -0800
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All that you say makes sense. But you can learn business without getting an 
MBA,  just like you can learn photography without going through the time 
and expense of obtaining an MFA. However, if a person's business is 
photography, graphic arts, and or imaging which is going to carry more 
weight on a resume or brochure... a business degree or degree in fine arts?

There's no right or wrong way to go. Some people might get more out of 
studying Rembrandt and Michelangelo than Adam Smith and John Maynard 
Keynes. Every path has obstacles. Eventually success comes down to hard 
work, hopefully with a little luck along the way.

You're also right that experience is the greatest teacher. But you can work 
and get experience while getting an MFA. The more the better. It's a jungle 
out there!  Actually, this day and age if you want to be a photographer 
best path might be a degree in computer science :-).


At 09:23 AM 11/25/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>If you're determined to get your masters degree, why not consider a MBA 
>with an
>emphasis on marketing?
>... Actually, I did rather well on the outside,
>but the big problem was that I had put all my eggs in the shooting basket, 
>and knew
>little about business and cash flow, and seasonal projections . . .
>...Over the years, I've seen many talented photographers miss greatness 
>because they
>fail at either the business or the marketing portion of the program.  You 
>can learn
>all you need to know about the fine art of photography from some of the 
>really great
>workshops available,  from getting out there and shooting, and  from 
>sharing your
>work with others in a critical setting.
>If that is not enough for you, then the much better thing than an MFA is 
>to get on
>with an established photographer and work with her/him for a few years, and by
>osmosis, you'll get more understanding of this art than all the schools in 
>the nation
>can teach you.

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