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Subject: Re: [Leica] Liars Figure: Smoking Pistols!
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 17:24:38 -0400
References: <>

At 01:20 PM 10/21/01 -0700, ternahan wrote:
>There are multiple large, long term studies on the effects of second hand
>smoke on children that show a definitive increase in asthma, ear infections,
>bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and serious allergies...all of
>which affect school performance negatively...some of which is due to
>documented increase in the number of absences of children who live in
>smoking households. 

No, there are not.  There are studies which show that the children of
smokers have ya-da-da effects.  Do similar studies on the children of
non-smokers.  Do studies of rural families versus 
urban families.  Do studies of families near pollution sites versus those
in away from the same.  Do studies of families in arid areas versus those
in moist areas.

Christ.  When you guys get your act in order, talk to me.  In the meantime,
can it.  You are conducting statistically meaningless studies and are
attempting to impose your Puritan viewpoins on the American populace as a
result.  Well, do the homework -- you MIGHT be correct.  But, before you
harp on your victory, get the data together.  Eliminate EVERY other
possible problem.  This standard is not absurd:  it is the same standard
imposed on every other challenger to every other chemical problem, and this
is the standard which has been in existence for at least the past century.
Prove everything, eliminate every alternative.

Do this, and I will agree with you.  Fail to do this, and logic dictates
that I fight your foolishness.

Marc  FAX:  +540/343-7315
Cha robh bąs fir gun ghrąs fir!

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